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Hi, I'm Cathi. Welcome to my website!




Are you seeking a Tarot Reader who really listens to what you have to say? Is non-judgemental, compassionate, straight forward and accurate? Someone you can trust 100% to accurately relay the information she receives on your behalf? Who uses her Tarot cards as stepping stones to help you in your search for the truth? You've found her!


 Hoping for love? Who, when, where? Relationship guidance. Family issues.  Career choices. Discovering your Life Path. Financial affairs. Business  matters. Whatever you're struggling with in Life my Tarot cards hold the potential to guide you to where that which you seek awaits you, Your spiritual pathfinder. No gimmicks. Just you, me, Spirit and Tarot.

To discuss and plan the reading best suited to your question, please email me at cathibewtarot@gmail.com or contact me on 07852 955078 for an informal chat.

  I'm also available for evening and weekend consultations by prior agreement at no extra cost.





Choose your deck!

       Would you enjoy the opportunity to choose the Tarot deck I  work with when reading for you?   


 All you need to do is focus on the three Tarot decks in the

 image below. Now, close your eyes for a few seconds. 
When you feel ready, open your eyes, focus on the deck you feel drawn to and note the number.

   State number 1, 2 or 3 when booking your reading and I'll work with the Tarot deck of your choice.


  Every Email Reading is professionally typed and presented and includes a colour image of each card drawn and laid in your Tarot reading.




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Tarotscope October 2019 




ARIES:  (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

 ”Six of Cups”










News of a reunion or an invitation to meet up with old friends will have you reminiscing this month Aries, perhaps in regard to a very special someone.  Spending time with children in a theme park or holiday setting will be just what you need to bring your focus back to the present and counting your blessings. Everybody will be clamouring for your company in October but be selective in the invitations you accept in order to avoid emotional and physical overload.

TAURUS:  (Apr 21 - May 21) 

“The Devil”










October = temptation! Your choice Taurus, surrender to temptation and regret it next month, or stay strong and kick yourself next month? Not easy eh? Occasionally, and I mean occasionally, it does us good just to be a tad naughty as long as nobody but us suffers the consequences. So, a free pass to indulge yourself, i.e. eat the cake, drink the wine, burn the candle at both ends, go on a spending spree, etc. However, keep in mind that there is always a price to pay somewhere down the line so will it be worth it? You decide!


GEMINI:  (May 22 - June 21) 

“Wheel of Fortune”






The saying, “As one door closes, another opens” applies to what this month holds for you Gemini. If you’ve been feeling “stuck” prepare to enjoy the freedom to push forward with anything you have planned which has stalled recently. Job prospects and new goals will be achievable and successful due to your increased feelings of self-confidence and determination. Use these as tools to construct what you dream of while “Lady Luck” walks with you. She may not stay around as long as you’d like.



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