The only information I need in order to read for you is your full name (including any middle name(s) and date of birth plus, of course, your question or questions. Whether it's regarding a romantic relationship, hoping for love, job/career/business prospects, family, finance, in fact most aspects of life, apart from health or pregnancy of course.


 Your uniquely personal Tarot reading is professionally typed, beautifully presented and contains a colour image of each and every card drawn in response to your reading choice from the Tarot deck you've requested.












“Ordering an email reading with me is very simple. All you have to do is click the, ‘Buy Now’ button below where you’ll be directed to PayPal to make payment for your reading. Email me your question(s) at and that's it! Your completed reading will be delivered to your inbox within two working days.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about  ordering or you're unsure about any part of the process. I'm always happy to help!




Choice 1
 3 Month Tarotscope
Choice 2
6 Month Tarotscope
Choice 3
12 Month Tarotscope
Choice 4
1 Question - 3 cards

Choice 5



2 Questions - 6 cards



What my clients had to say...

"So happy with my reading, thank you Cathi, you understand me so well."   Lynn C.
"One word...WOW! By far the most accurate reading I have ever had."  Jamie S.
"Thank you so much Cathi, your reading is so lovely. I can't believe it. You are completely in tune with me. Your reading has picked me up so much."  Jacqueline P.
"I will hold your reading close to my heart forever, thank you Cathi."  Sarah W.
"Feeling in need of guidance I turned to the wonderful Cathi Bew for an email Tarot Reading. I have just received the most amazing, honest, detailed and professional email reading I have ever had. Cathi you have blown me away, and I cannot recommend you highly enough."  Mikaela M.

"Thank you so much for this. It sounds pretty spot on to be fair, and you have him down to a  T. You have been great and much appreciated. "  Lyndsey R.

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