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Tarot Consultations
















As your name and  date of birth are unique to you,* this information is all the permission I need to allow me to "link" with your personal energy, in order to read for you. 


Monthly readings can give you a "heads up" on what may lie ahead in your work/career, relationships and life in general. Remember, being forewarned is being forearmed.

Tarot can also suggest the best time to plan a holiday, embark on a new career or change jobs, begin a business, find love, ask for a raise... The list is endless.

 The thirteenth card in the 12 Month Tarotscope indicates the energy prevalent and personal to you throughout the year. This allows you the wonderful opportunity to harness it's power in achieving your full potential throughout the year.

* Please be reassured that I comply with the current Data Protection Guidelines. Any information you share with me will NOT, and never will be shared with a third party.

    One Question - 3 Cards

Think carefully about what you want to ask the Tarot cards. I will formulate a question using the information you provide regarding the topic on which you wish me to read. Obviously, the more precise the question is phrased the more it will provide the straightforward in-depth reading you want exactly when you need it. The resulting answers, personal insight and guidance will work together to empower you in regaining control on your onward journey though Life.



Two Questions - 6 Cards







Offering the same information as the One Question reading, but in relation to two separate questions.

An opportunity to discover, not only who or what you need to be aware of, but also providing the guidance and empowerment necessary in enabling you to achieve the most successful personal outcome in two separate areas of your life.

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