“Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster.”

October 4, 2015

Much, much faster and our poor brain is probably in panic mode, desperately trying to get the message, “Please don’t speak until I sort this out” through to us. Do we listen? Probably not. Anger is the fuel which stokes the flames of our vocabulary spectacularly! So easy just to let rip isn’t it? Satisfying too! However, once we’ve said our piece and calmed down just tad, perhaps whoever has borne the brunt of our “flames” looks so dejected and hurt that, being the lovely person we really are, we begin to wish that we could take, if not all, at least some of what we’ve said in anger back? In fact, we may have reacted without knowing the full facts, whole story, etc. So, perhaps the next time our ire rises we should take time to, 1. Engage brain, 2. Think, 3. Mouth, 4. Speak….or not?



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