"Tarot Tips for w/c. 7th March 2016

March 7, 2016


Monday: Tarot Tips - “Nine of Swords”


Turning your back on your problems won’t solve them or make them disappear! A willingness to face them head on combined with the determination to overcome what’s causing you stress and heartache will pay off handsomely. Continuing to ignore what’s going on will only find you waking up to the same old, same old tomorrow.


Tuesday: “Tarot Tips” - “Justice”


Today is all about playing fair or hoping that someone else plays fair in their dealings with you. Perhaps putting your cards on the table, or being totally honest and upfront, will bring you the result you’ve been hoping for. Trust that what happens today is meant and is also for the best in the long run.


Wednesday:  Tarot Tips - “Three of Wands”


Think carefully about your next step. Refuse to be rushed into anything you haven’t investigated or carefully prepared for especially at the request of someone else. Spend time looking deeper into any proposals, plans or contracts, before signing on the dotted line. Accept any advice offered by someone you trust who has only your best interests at heart.


Thursday:  Tarot Tips - “Four of Pentacles”


Avoid the temptation to spend, spend, spend today. Rather look for ways to increase your finances rather than deplete them. Hold tight to the purse strings as there may be unsolicited demands from outside influences attempting to embark on a spend, spend, spend binge using your hard-earned money.


Friday:  Tarot Tips - “Six of Swords”


Enjoy the calm and tranquillity that comes from sailing into tranquil waters today. The stormy seas of the past few days have finally settled, leading to feelings of relief and a sense of peace that the worst is over. This may have been due, in part, to the welcome intervention of a fair minded, determined lady, on your behalf.


Saturday: Tarot Tips - “Knight of Pentacles”


Whatever you’ve been hoping for, especially around your financial situation, will materialise for you today. Being successful in a job interview, money arriving through an unexpected source, winning a monetary prize….. Whatever it is, it will certainly bring a smile to your face while adding to your bank balance.


Sunday:  Tarot Tips - “Three of Pentacles”


Your efforts and hard work have not gone unnoticed by those who have the power to help you succeed. Although it’s only the early days in your endeavours just keep doing what you’re doing as you’re doing it so well. You are on the path to achieving what you dream of so continue to believe in yourself and see what happens next!

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