“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 21st March 2016

March 21, 2016


Tarot Tips:  Monday - Six of Wands


Prepare to bask in the admiration of those around you today. The recognition and acknowledgement


you’ve been hoping for for some time regarding the effort, unwavering determination and diligence you’ve shown in achieving a successful outcome is yours at last. Accept this as your due and enjoy being the centre of attention at least for today.


Tarot Tips:  Tuesday - The World


The world is indeed your oyster today and it may be that everything you touch turns to gold! Whatever plans you have in mind be confident that these can be achieved and realised so an auspicious day for job interviews, a first date with someone new, taking a chance on the lottery, etc. The door of opportunity is wide open so take advantage while you can.


Tarot Tips:  Wednesday - Ten of Pentacles


Delays or disappointments in matters of a financial nature are satisfactorily resolved in your favour today. The settlement of an outstanding debt, an unexpected windfall oran inheritance will have you laughing all the way to the bank. However, don’t embark on a spending spree just yet but think carefully about the best way to invest your cash for the future.


Tarot Tips:  Thursday - Judgement


The saying “You reap what you sew” seems very apt today and, to add to the mayhem, you may also find your “pigeons coming home to roost” so don’t be too surprised by what you are confronted by today. Karmic reckoning works both ways, favourable or not so favourable, so you have a 50% chance of it being favourable. Here’s hoping!


Tarot Tips:  Friday - Knight of Cups


Matters or affairs of the heart are of significance today. Love and romance are well starred for those of you in a relationship or those contemplating a relationship with someone who has caught their eye. Making the effort to speak to or spend time with friends or family will mean a lot to them, perhaps more than you realise.


Tarot Tips:  Saturday - The Fool


Allow your inner child some freedom today and see what happens. If you’ve always wanted to do something you’ve never done before then go for it! Go-carting, horse-riding, bungee jumping, pole-dancing lessons, anything that takes you outside your comfort zone and brings some excitement into your life, even if just for an hour or two, will leave you buzzing and joyful.


Tarot Tips:  Sunday - Three of Wands


Today finds you contemplating your next move. The next step in your journey through life. You’ve learned and taken on board the lessons life has taught you so far, now it’s time to look to the future and what you hope to achieve. Preparing and planning will give you the strength you will need to take the next step with confidence and hope so don’t skimp on the details.


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