“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 2nd May 2016

May 2, 2016


Tarot Tips:  Monday - The Star


Providing guidance for others or achieving it personally is the key today. This may pave the way to finding the answers you’ve been searching for in order to resolve an ongoing difficult situation which may have been casting a shadow on a relationship or your job or career. Trust what you “feel” rather than what you “think” for the best result.


Tarot Tips:  Tuesday - The Hermit


Retreating and spending time alone today is what you should be seeking to achieve in order to acknowledge, deal with, and ultimately accept what has been happening in your world recently. Rest assured you’ve done all you could indeed, gone the extra mile, so seek sanctuary and peace in your own comfort zone for as long as you can ignore the demands of the outside world.


Tarot Tips:  Wednesday - Two of Swords


Refusing to see what’s right in front of your eyes and staring you in the face won’t change anything! You know perfectly well what you have to do so enough procrastinating and hesitating and go do it. There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes today no matter how much people may try to do so.


Tarot Tips:  Thursday - Three of Cups


Perhaps you need cheering up today for whatever reason, so arrange to meet up with your closest friends at some point during the day or after work. Now it’s your turn to benefit from their friendship, good company and sympathetic ears, just as they’ve all benefitted from yours over the years. Enjoy!


Tarot Tips:  Friday - Five of Pentacles


Just when you thought all was lost along comes a benefactor! Someone who offers to help you out of your present financial predicament and also restores your faith in humanity. A ray of hope at last! Now it’s up to you to show your appreciation by paying what you owe and taking steps to repay what has been loaned to you.


Tarot Tips:  Saturday - Page of Wands


If it’s early days in your new job then be confident that you’re on the right track and proving your worth to those who matter. If you’re offered the opportunity to attend a course of lessons, working towards a qualification which will help you progress by your employer, don’t hesitate to accept. This will prove a good career move for you.


Tarot Tips:  Sunday - Two of Pentacles


Trying to keep too many “balls in the air” today will prove not only very difficult but frustrating. To get through the day, and still have some hair left, you need to prioritise. Before you do anything take some time to decide what really needs to be done asap and what can wait until another time.


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