“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 16th May 2016

May 16, 2016





Tarot Tips:  Monday - Strength


Today you have the strength to overcome and defeat what you most need to so take advantage while you can. Alternatively, you may find it necessary to be a tower of strength for another person who needs you to play this role to the very best of your ability just for them today. Helping them in their time of need will bring you a well-deserved sense of satisfaction.  


Tarot Tips:  Tuesday - Nine of Wands


Almost there so take heart! Yes, I realise you have had enough of what life has thrown at you recently, but believe that today sees the beginning of the end of your troubles. You’ve done well in getting to this point so don’t throw in the towel just yet. One final push and the resolution you’ve been hoping for will be within reach. It will be so worth it!


Tarot Tips:  Wednesday - Five of Wands


If nothing seems to go right today, especially in the workplace, just go with the flow. Attempts to rectify, overcome and resolve, probably won’t be successful and will only add to your frustration. Just a day when you’re out of sync with whatever is going on around you and will impact on everything you put your hand to so, unfortunately, there is no escape. Look forward to bedtime


.Tarot Tips:  Thursday - Ten of Swords


You’ve managed to avoid whatever has been causing you the most stress recently by the skin of your teeth today! If you can switch your mind into “positive” from its present position, i.e.  stuck in “negative” you will be amazed at what a difference this makes to your perception of what is actually occurring. Try it and see!


Tarot Tips:  Friday - Ace of Swords


Clarity and more clarity for you today and not before time! Suddenly, everything becomes clear and you know what you have to do in order to take the next step. Organisation and striving to feel positive and focused will propel you where you want to find yourself, particularly in a complex or worrying situation. Use your head not your heart and all will be well.


Tarot Tips:  Saturday - Five of Cups


Have you felt a prisoner of love, a relationship or situation involving romance and the giving of your heart? Today may find the rose-tinted glasses removed from your eyes which reveals someone or a situation exactly as it is. Perhaps, it’s the right time for you to be made more aware but this won’t help heal your broken heart. Well, not today anyway.


Tarot Tips:  Sunday - Six of Wands


Perhaps a day when those you love and respect most come together to congratulate and celebrate your hard work and the achievement of the success you have earned. Refuse to be modest and strut your stuff” with pride! It will be expected of you and why not? The first step on the ladder to future success. Lots more of the same to come in the future.


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