“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 23rd May 2016

May 23, 2016


Tarot Tips:  Monday - Page of Cups


A loving gift for you today. Perhaps not in a material sense but more of an emotional nature. As this will probably be unexpected it will be all the more welcome and go a long way to making your day a very happy one. If you are just beginning a new romantic relationship this bodes well for the future.


Tarot Tips:  Tuesday - Seven of Pentacles


Today will find you taking time to appreciate just how far you have come in your pursuit of success and counting your blessings. A well-deserved pat on the back for you as it is only by your own hard work, perseverance and achievement that you have got where you are today. Perhaps time to gift yourself a little treat as a reward?


Tarot Tips:  Wednesday - King of Swords


You may be called upon to use your logic and clear thinking in order to arbitrate in a conflict involving other people today. As they know you to be fair and impartial they will trust you to resolve the problem between them. However, it’s vital you ensure you have all the key facts and information before making a judgement.


Tarot Tips:  Thursday - Page of Wands


If you have applied for a new job, promotion or the means to begin a new venture then look forward to receiving good news regarding this today. This will enable you to take the next exciting step in creating what you want to achieve in the future. Use this to bolster your self-confidence and belief that “yes” you can do it!


Tarot Tips:  Friday - Queen of Pentacles


A spending spree seems to be the order of the day! If you’ve been feeling the need to brighten, refresh and refurnish your home, then head for the shops. You will feel drawn to brighter colours, unusual ornaments, paintings or crockery. You will enjoy every minute of your quest for your “treasures” and eager to view them in your home.


Tarot Tips:  Saturday - Queen of Swords


Be wary of someone who has power over you today, especially a female. Perhaps an employer, supervisor or an older relative. They’ve got their beady eyes on you and appear ready to pounce and tell you just where you’re going wrong in whatever you’re doing or have been doing. However, the advice they may have to offer may actually benefit you in the long run so not all bad eh?


Tarot Tips:  Sunday - King of Pentacles


Accept any invitations to Sunday lunch or why not plan a Sunday lunch for those you love and care about the most? Perhaps an older male relative has been feeling neglected and an opportunity to spend time with his family could be just what the Doctor ordered in uplifting his spirits and making him feel loved and appreciated.


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