“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 13th June 2016

June 13, 2016


Monday - The Devil


You may find yourself impaled on the “horns of a dilemma” today. If so, consider what may have conspired to put you there. Your own actions may have led you to being embroiled in your present unfortunate and troubling predicament, so it’s down to you to come up with a way out. You got yourself into it, now it’s up to get out of it. There is a way, you just need to find it.


Tuesday - Two of Cups


Today proves especially promising and uplifting for those of you in a romantic relationship. Seeing eye to eye and taking time to be together and share your hopes and dreams for the future will bring happiness and a sense of complete contentment to you both. Creating a “template” of what you wish for most will pave the way forward.


Wednesday - Nine of Pentacles


One of those days when you wake up feeling at peace with the world and look forward to having a good day. Don’t waste time wondering what’s responsible for this optimistic outlook just know that, for the rest of the day at least, everything will work in harmony for you instead of against you. You can do no wrong today so take advantage while you can.


Thursday - Four of Swords


You’ve done all you can so take time out to plan your strategy before placing the last piece of the jigsaw. This last push, to put in place whatever is needed to bring you resolution, success or something or someone you need, has to be the right “fit” or you’ll find yourself back at square one. Only act when you’re confident it’s definitely the right move.


Friday - Strength


Strength walks beside you today so use it to do what you have to knowing you are not alone in your struggle. Be steadfast in your dealings with others. Make your voice and opinions heard. Surprise those who thought you weak. Your newfound strength will encourage and enable you to do what has to be done. A day for temporarily enjoying a role as a conquering hero.


Saturday - King of Pentacles


You may find yourself in the presence of just the right man today if you find yourself needing a temporary loan sooner rather than later. Although he may readily agree to provide you with the funds you need he will also be quick to stipulate when he expects repayment so don’t accept unless you know you can repay your debt when expected. Otherwise, you will be storing up trouble for the future.


Sunday - Knight of Pentacles


Instead of recoiling in shock when your account balance appears onscreen after inserting your bank card, you may be pleasantly surprised today! Perhaps an unexpected refund or rebate, or realising you haven’t spent as much as you thought, will bring a smile to your face and a feeling of relief to your purse or wallet.


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