“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 20th June 2016

June 20, 2016


Monday - Six of Cups


Looking to the past for answers may serve you well today in searching for a solution to an unwelcome situation, perhaps with another person close to you. If your differences began way back in the early years of your relationship perhaps it’s time to finally resolve things or, if that’s just not possible, it might be best if you just call time and move on without them.


Tuesday - Knight of Wands


Considering a house move? If so, now would be the right time to move onwards and upwards with your plans. This move could prove just what you need to regain and restore your enthusiasm and passion for life. Not a house move? A job or career change would bring about the same effect so what are you waiting for?


Wednesday - Death


No sense in crying over spilt milk today! You’ve been handed an opportunity that doesn’t happen very often to transform, regenerate, morph into who you’ve always dreamed of being. Saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new needn’t be as traumatic as you’ve feared but could prove to be just what you need at the moment.


Thursday - Two of Wands


Deciding between two job opportunities causes you to pause and consider your options today. Stay where you are or take a chance on the unknown? Time to put on your logical and realistic head to work this one out. Weigh up the pros and cons carefully before making up your mind and you won’t go far wrong.


Friday - Page of Pentacles


The beginning of the reappearance of stability and security in your home life begins today. If things have been troublesome and/or difficult around those who inhabit your living space recently then peace will soon be restored. Hopefully, they have seen the error of their ways and the stress they’ve caused and be remorseful. The less said the better.


Saturday - Six of Swords


As you journey through today be comforted by the knowledge that everything is going to work out the way you’re hoping. You possess all you need to overcome and resolve what needs to be resolved without too much confrontation or a face-to-face standoff. You will feel much more settled and at peace emotionally.


Sunday - Queen of Pentacles


A generous female relation or friend may come to your aid financially today. If not helping out with a much needed monetary loan then perhaps giving you the benefit of her logic and expertise in anything to do with financial matters. Pay close attention as she will soon lose patience if she feels you’re not acting on her advice.


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