“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 4th July 2016


Monday - The Hanging Man


In order to find resolution or a way forward you need to look at things from a totally different or new perspective. You will find this is the key to that “Oh I get it!” realisation. Refusing to think outside the box will only find you remaining where you are, and have been for a while,  i.e. at a standstill.


Tuesday - Wheel of Fortune


What goes around comes around today so be prepared for changes, however, small. At least it’s a start. The wheels are definitely in motion and working to bring you a very welcome change of fortune so, chin up! Consider your plans for the future and feel confident in taking the first steps in implementing whatever you have in mind.


Wednesday - The Tower


Prepare to be sideswiped today and in a big way! Something you didn’t see coming may rock your world to it’s very foundations. However, once the dust has settled, you may realise that this has done you a massive favour in removing something or someone from your life which, although you may not have thought so, needed to be gone. Time will tell.


Thursday - Queen of Cups


Show love and compassion to all those you come in contact with today. Some may need your special gift of understanding, empathy and ability to just listen, more than others. What you so freely offer may just what is needed, perhaps even for only one person, to resolve their sense of loss and heartache.


Friday - The World


The culmination of everything falling into place just as you had hoped and planned finds you joyful and feeling on top of the world today. Be optimistic and look forward to finally reaping the rewards of all your past hard work. Success is within your grasp at last so take some much needed time out for a little TLC to prepare you for what comes next.


Saturday - Judgement


“As ye sew, so shall you reap” is the saying for today. If you have behaved yourself look forward to reaping your just reward. If not, ooo ‘er, I wouldn’t want to be you today! Very much a day when the past will either come back to bite you in the bottom or alternatively, provide you with an unexpected gift of some kind.


Sunday - Ten of Pentacles


Abundance abounds today! This could relate to your financial status, home life or material matters. If you’ve been expecting a bonus, inheritance, or financial settlement, then today’s the day. This also applies to your home and those who share it with you. Very much a day for realising and counting your blessings.


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