“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 18th July 2016

July 18, 2016


Monday - Death


Don’t mourn for what has gone but celebrate what is now free to come forward for you today. Waving farewell to something or someone may not have been your choice but, as time goes on, you will become aware of just how fortunate you are at the moment. The worst is over so spread your wings and take advantage of your new found freedom.


Tuesday - Seven of Wands


A stand-off or stalemate situation will have you feeling very much on the defensive today. You may feel “attacked” verbally and therefore forced to defend yourself, your beliefs or your opinions. However, you will feel confident that you are in the right and will act accordingly to defeat those who put you into this situation.


Wednesday - King of Wands


Be careful not to rush in before you hear both sides of a situation today. Curbing your fiery, impatient nature will help you make sense of what’s happening therefore more able to help those involved to a mutually agreeable resolution. Remember you are in control, not them. Earn their respect by helping them agree to disagree.


Thursday - The Devil


If you’re not careful today, you could end up being your own worst enemy. Behaving impetuously or speaking your mind before considering the consequences of what you’re saying could cause a backlash. Engage your brain before engaging your mouth and you won’t go far wrong. If not……there may be serious fallout for you personally.


Friday - Ace of Swords


Decide enough is enough today and take what steps and action you can in order to cut through any red tape, legal jargon or gobbledegook preventing you from reaching your goal. Arm yourself with the true facts, documentation to back this up, chin up and off you go. Determine this is the day you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Saturday - The Moon


Could someone be telling you what they think you should know not what is really going on underneath the surface? Perhaps not out and out untruths but certainly not allowing you access to the full story or their true feelings. Take what is said to you today with a pinch of salt especially by those you may have reason to doubt.


Sunday - Five of Pentacles


Financially, times may be hard presently but a lifeline is at hand if you stop feelings sorry for yourself long enough realise it. Things aren’t as bad as you think and you’re not alone in your predicament. Look around. Who can you approach to help tide you over until your finances improve, which they will? That’s right, that’s the one. Off you go!



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