“Tarot Tips” for Week Commencing 25th July 2016

July 25, 2016


Monday - King of Cups


Why not seek the hugs, comfort and kindness of the men in your family today if you feel the need? Take advantage of the fact that they have an unconditional love for you so will always just “be there” when you need them most. They may have the answers you’re looking for but, if not, at least you’ll feel better.


Tuesday - Knight of Wands


If you’ve been considering moving house, changing jobs/career or travelling further afield then today is the day to put your plans in motion. The energy is very positive around all forms of movement and progress so don’t dilly dally and pick up the ‘phone, search the internet, talk to who you have to but, whatever you do, don’t hesitate.



Wednesday - Five of Swords


Although you have won the battle you may not have won the war so beware of resting on your laurels today! In attempting to achieve what you may have believed impossible you have gained ground you didn’t have only a week so keep up the momentum! Gather your strength and determination for one last push and hopefully you’ll succeed.


Thursday - Knight of Cups


For those of you hoping for a new romance or those patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the special someone in your life to prove their commitment in your relationship, today could prove to be THE DAY! Romance is well starred with anything related to matters of the heart so enjoy!


Friday - Wheel of Fortune


At last Fate smiles on you and about time too! You should be aware of a new sense of optimism and a belief that things ARE going to work out the way you’re hoping they will. Be careful not to waste any opportunities that come your way as it may be some considerable time before this auspicious period comes around again.


Saturday - Eight of Swords


What is it you are refusing to see? Denying what is happening won’t make it go away. Open your eyes, think logically, which means thinking with your head not your heart to find the truth of a situation or regarding someone presently in your life. Nothing will change until you face up to what you need to. Only then can things begin to be resolved.


Sunday - Ten of Wands


Overwhelmed with work, family commitments, or just life? Take strength from the fact that it’s almost time to put down the burden you yourself have created that you’ve been carrying around for far too long. Take advantage of your newfound freedom by gifting yourself some much needed guilt-free TLC.


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