Tarotscope 15th/21st August 2016

August 15, 2016

Monday - “The World”


Achieving success in whatever you have set your heart and mind on puts a permanent smile on your face all day today. Take advantage of a newfound optimism and the feeling you can do no wrong. Believe in yourself and your abilities and don’t be afraid to shine your light where you must in order to achieve even more.


Tuesday - “Queen of Swords”


You’ve tried being nice and behaving reasonably but that hasn’t got you anywhere, certainly not where you’d hoped. Now it’s time to speak your mind and say what you really think, in order to ensure someone gets the message with no room for any misunderstanding. Good for you. What happens then may surprise you.


Wednesday - “Seven of Wands”


Refuse to think “poor me” in a situation today. People may be asking you to behave or act out of character but they are doing so out of concern. Distancing yourself from those who only want to help will only add to your misery and uncertainty. Allow yourself to be coaxed out of your comfort zone for at least a few hours and live a little…..or a lot!


Thursday - “Queen of Cups”


Either you are in need of some love and attention today or someone is hoping for this from you. A day when you may feel very emotional, and perhaps tearful, for no particular reason you can think of. Occasionally, a good weep is just what we need to put things in perspective so keep the hankies to hand. If it’s someone else doing the weeping, just be the lovely, caring, thoughtful person you are and just be there for as long as they need you.


Friday - “The Hanging Man”


Okay, you need to hang fire before rushing blindly into something you need to think about logically. Examine the facts again and again before making any snap judgements or decisions. The fact that everything has come to a standstill will work in your favour so appreciate the opportunity and use it to the best of your ability before making a move.


Saturday - “Four of Pentacles”


A day for counting your blessings and for keeping an eye on those blessings of a monetary nature. Not a day to speculate to accumulate so spend your time doing other things you enjoy especially if it involves those closest to you. Resist the temptation to share a secret you hold as the repercussions could be serious for someone else.


Sunday - “Five of Pentacles”


There’s no use crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done. There is help at hand if you are prepared to meet it/them halfway. Perhaps your finances have taken a downward turn but thankfully this is just a temporary setback and things will soon be looking up again. Accept whatever advice or temporary funding you are offered.




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