Tarotscope 22nd/28th August 2016

August 22, 2016


Monday - “Three of Cups”


Time to uncork the champagne as today brings a reason or reasons to break out the bubbly and celebrate! This is probably due to matters of the heart, i.e. a relationship, an invitation to a family event, engagement, wedding or Christening. It could also relate to the realisation of a treasured dream or wish you’ve carried in your heart for some time.


Tuesday - “Ten of Cups”


If things have been somewhat rocky in your home life recently then rest assured that today sees, if not the ending of your troubles, then at least the light at the end of the tunnel. Those sharing your home with you will finally see sense and do their best to create peace and harmony, and a place of sanctuary, around your own four walls.


Wednesday - “The Tower”


Don’t be too alarmed if a person or a situation seems to hit you like a bolt out of the blue today. Maybe this is just what is needed to shake you up a little, knock you off the path you’re currently travelling, and place you on the path you need to be on but couldn’t see it. A lesson to be learned for your own good.


Thursday - “Five of Wands”


Petty squabbles find you on the defensive today, continually being on your guard and doing your utmost to stand your ground. This will prove to be a “storm in a teacup” and will soon pass. However, it may also help in revealing who your real friends are and those you can depend on and put your trust in.


Friday - “Nine of Cups”


A wonderful card to end the working week and welcome in the weekend! Fulfilling your wishes, dreams or goals are all within your grasp today without you having to make too much effort. You can do no wrong so make this a day to remember while also taking time to appreciate the blessings you already possess.


Saturday - “Three of Swords”


If you are caught up in a three-way triangle of despair and heartbreak then, unfortunately, there is no respite to be found for you today. As your heart hasn’t been able to guide you in resolving the situation you find yourself in, maybe it’s time to use your head and think logically and unemotionally in order to find the answer you may have been avoiding.


Sunday - “Seven of Wands”


Don’t allow others to wear you down with their constant, unrelenting demands on your time and attention. You need to distance yourself from them by retreating to somewhere, or someone, you know will offer peace, tranquillity and sanctuary. No, you’re not being in the least selfish, but only doing what you need to in order to help you cope in the future.


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