“Tarotscope” W/c. 28th November 2016

November 28, 2016


Monday - “Strength”


You’ll find a reserve of strength you didn’t know you possessed today. This will help you overcome difficult situations or conflict with others which may be proving stressful and frustrating. You may also find you have an unexpected ally willing to stand by your side and help you deal with what you face. Together, you will overcome.


Tuesday - “7 of Pentacles”


You know you have it all so why are you feeling there’s something missing? A sense of unease with no obvious cause has you pausing to reflect today. Perhaps, there is something you have neglected to deal with which needs re-examining and resolving? The reason and the answer is within reach if you would only take time to think back to the past.


Wednesday - “Ace of Swords”


A sudden and illuminating breakthrough is just what is needed today to help you forge forward in an endeavour or bring a goal within reach. Anything requiring inspiration or logical thinking will pay off handsomely and rewardingly for you. No more muddled mind or indecision, as the “mist” clears at last revealing the path ahead has no surprises!


Thursday - “Justice”


Fate and Karma take centre stage today and there is no escape from the justice you deserve. Whether this is in the form of punishment or praise for your past deeds you will discover as the day progresses. However, remember that whatever transpires has been weighed, judged and ruled, so it will be a fair and just outcome.


Friday - “The Star”


A much needed and very welcome sense of emotional healing surrounds you today. Your troubles, either emotional or physical, begin to feel surmountable and not so daunting. This may be due to news received or perhaps just a shift in your perception of how things really are. Whatever the reason, it brings with it the promise of hope which is a start.


Saturday - “The Fool”


A word of caution today! By all means embark on your new adventure! Take that leap of faith! Embrace the unknown! Your enthusiasm and determination to venture forth and discover what comes next is admirable and will carry you where you hope to reach! However, be sure to equip yourself with all you will need to nourish you on your journey before you set off.


Sunday - “The Hermit”


Today finds you happy and content in your own company. A much needed self-spiritual retreat. Time to think about where you are in your life, how you got there, and who you hope to be in the future. Trust that your Spiritual “guide” is always with you in order to do just that, guide and support you. Enjoy your time-out while you can it won’t last long.




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