“Tarotscope” W/c. 12th December 2016

December 12, 2016


Monday - “The Empress”


This card is all about nurturing and I feel that is just what you should be focused on today. However, instead of nurturing others which you are wont to do, today finds you looking at opportunities to pamper yourself. Do what you want to do. Go where you want to go. Put yourself first. A “me” day at last!


Tuesday - “Seven of Cups”


Don’t’ allow your overactive imagination, especially regarding a relationship, lead you astray today. Look at the reasons why you’re uncertain or having doubts about someone’s behaviour. Stilling your mind will, not only help you see the truth of the situation, but provide you with the guidance you need to put your fears to rest.


Wednesday - “Queen of Wands”


Determination may be called for today to help you accomplish a goal. Work with the fiery energy of this Wands Queen to do what must be done once and for all. You are within reach of what you seek, one last push should do it. Believe in your willpower and stamina and nothing or no-one will bar your way.


Thursday - “Page of Cups”


Either you’re on the receiving end of a message of love today or you’re the one sending it. You could also be taking time to re-establish or strengthen a bond with someone younger, either a family member or a friend. Love is in the air today and the proof will arrive in an unexpected but appreciated loving gesture by someone close.


Friday - “Four of Pentacles”


Keep in mind “all that glitters is not gold” today. Your attention may be caught by a special bargain, a deal too good to be true, a once in a lifetime offer.... However, resist any temptation to spend beyond your means or commit to any kind of payment plan no matter how brilliantly the salesperson presents it to you. Keep your money in your pocket.


Saturday - “Six of Wands”


You are certainly Mr or Mrs Popular today! Everybody wants to be your friend and spend time with you. Use this sudden magnetism to your advantage while it lasts. Success is yours and, if you feel like showing off a little and letting everybody know just how well you’ve done, well why not? Everything has been achieved by your own efforts so don’t be shy!


Sunday - “Six of Cups”


Feeling a bit under the weather or just “down” for no reason? Spending time with someone who has known you forever is just what is needed to restore your sense of wellbeing. Seek out the company of the younger members of your family as they will soon take your mind off “you” and cause you to count your blessings instead.

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