"Tarotscope" for April 2017

April 1, 2017

Aries  -  “The Magician”


Know what you want most in life? Struggling to achieve goals or success? Don’t squander one second of this month doubting your ability to overcome and succeed. Utilise to the full the skills you already possess as you’ll be amazed and heartened by the rewards that await you. A most advantageous time to act on your intuition and ideas as your emotional and physical energies combine in order to help you achieve your potential. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.


Taurus  -  “Three of Swords”


Conflict in relationships, especially if there are three people involved, dominate your heart and mind in April. If you’ve been avoiding having to facing up to the reality and truth of what you you may have suspected for a while, the actions of others may force your hand. To promote a successful outcome for you personally, think with your head not your heart for once.


Gemini  -  “Death”


April finds you tying up loose ends in order to move on unburdened and eager to discover what comes next. Finally reaching the point of being able to put the past to rest, once and for all, has been a long emotionally and physically challenging journey. However, endings always lead to new beginnings so now you’re free to take the steps you need to find that new job, relationship, place to live, etc. Isn’t that wonderful?


Cancer -  “High Priestess”


Refusing to be realistic and acknowledging what’s really going on with you and around you this month will get you nowhere. It’s all very well to drift along with your eyes closed, fingers in your ears while singing tra, la, la, but everything will be just the same when you open your eyes, remove your fingers from your ears, and stop singing. Deal with what you’ve being doing your utmost to avoid, thus ensuring that next month will be a doddle compared to April.


Leo  -  “Six of Cups“


Reminiscing and/or remembering and acting on the lessons of the past will stand you in good stead this month. Perhaps revisiting your childhood home or friends will be just what you need to remind you of how far you’ve come and just how much you’ve achieved. Removing the rose-tinted specs may also help reveal the truth of a present situation or the true character and motivation of someone close to you. A brief, but necessary journey.


Virgo  -  “Two of Pentacles”


Decisions, decisions, decisions! Feeling you have too much to cope with? Overwhelmed with striking a balance between home and work? In order to reach a compromise and keep everybody happy including you, take time to sit down with no distractions and pen and paper. Putting chores, responsibilities, things to do, people to see, in black and white will enable you to come up with a plan of action. Start by putting a line through what you really don’t need to concern yourself with and go from there. Also, utilise the “d” work, i.e. delegation.


Libra  -  “The Sun ”


Lucky you Libra! A wonderful month when everything appears to go your way at work, at home, in fact, in all areas of your life. Plans and arrangements run smoothly, people are more agreeable, and stress is something that happens to other people. An auspicious time to ask for a pay rise at work, plan a holiday, think about moving house, enjoy better health, etc. You can do no wrong at least for at least these four weeks so make the most of it as things may be very different next month, or maybe not, who knows?


Scorpio  -  “Four of Cups”


Something or somebody may seem too good to be true this month and you may be wary of accepting what is on offer. Although it may be tempting to just go with your first instinct and go with the flow, if there is a wee voice of caution vying for your attention in your head, make sure you pay it heed. This is not to say that everything is not going to work out successfully only that you need to think first, act later, okay?


Sagittarius  -  “The Devil”


Don’t be led astray by someone naughty but nice this month! Perhaps being tempted by a sweet talker into betraying your partner, family member, a friend or work colleague, has you wondering “what harm could it do?” Actually, a great deal and, if you really thought with your sensible head, you wouldn’t even consider it for a second. Be the honest, good hearted, reliable and honourable person you are, and behave accordingly. You’ll sleep better.


Capricorn  -  “Justice”


Whatever happens for you or yours in April has been judged fair by a Higher Power than an earthly one. However, rest assured, that this will work in your favour and be to your benefit so all’s well that ends well as the saying goes. A sigh of relief all round and perhaps a reason to celebrate the successful resolution of an ongoing stressful and perhaps costly situation. Time to look to the future with hope and faith once again.


Aquarius  -  “Strength”


Once again you will be called upon by others to lend them your strength in coping and overcoming their problems or difficulties in life. Or is it you yourself who needs to grit your teeth and just focus on what needs to be done and do it? This upbeat, forthright and optimistic card assures you that you do possess all the strength and determination to not only face what you must, but successfully cope and ultimately defeat it. Don’t doubt your abilities for one second as you’re much more capable than you probably feel at the moment.


Pisces  -  “Eight of Wands”


Everything will happen at speed for you this month Pisces. There will be no stopping you. Projects will be completed, plans made, meetings arranged, without the need to rearrange or postpone. If you’ve been feeling frustrated in waiting for an important arrival in the mail, or a ‘phone call or visit from someone close, then keep this month free. There may also be an air journey in April or plans made for this to be undertaken in the next three to six months.




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