“Tarotscope” May 2017

May 1, 2017

Aries  -  “Nine of Swords”


Not addressing your problems or fears won’t make them disappear unfortunately! You’re the only one who can face up to what you know you must in order to resolve what’s caused you to retreat to a very dark place. Step into the light of acknowledgement and determination and watch those worries evaporate. Things may not be as dire as you think but, by ignoring them, you allow them to grow. Act now before things get out of hand and much more difficult to deal with.


Taurus  -  “Eight of Cups”


Regrets over failed past relationships may have you beginning this month doubting that love may never come your way again. However, although the stars don’t appear to promise a new loving relationship for you as soon as you would wish, never say never! Your faith and ability to pick yourself up and dust yourself down will pay off handsomely for you, if not this month, then very soon. Chin up!


Gemini  -  “Ten of Pentacles”


There may be an unexpected financial windfall this month for you Gemini. Perhaps a salary increase, a bonus, a maturing policy or mortgage, or as the result of a game of chance. Your home life will prosper and material comforts, which are very important to you, will also enhance the four walls you call home. Spend wisely remembering to put aside something for a rainy day.


Cancer - “Seven of Swords”


Be careful who you entrust with your innermost thoughts, feelings or ideas during May. Someone involved in your daily dealings doesn’t have your best interests at heart although they may say or behave otherwise. If business dealings which involve your signature are scheduled for this month be sure to check the small print first or, better still, ask a legally skilled third party to check it for you. Forewarned is forearmed.


Leo  -  “Five of Swords “


Your unwavering belief in your abilities and determination to succeed in your quest for success in your endeavours is very close to becoming a reality this month Leo.  Continue to have faith in yourself and focus on the bigger picture. Perhaps take a short time out to consider your next move before committing to a new course of action. Researching the course of action you’re drawn to will also go a long way in ensuring a successful outcome. Resist the temptation for haste.


Virgo  -  “Seven of Cups”


There seems to be a lot going on with you this month Virgo especially in your relationships with those closest to you. Lots of choices and decisions to make, perhaps not of your choosing, but foisted on you by another. You need to consider what it is YOU want. The present situation may have caught you unawares as you’re known for your single-mindedness and direct approach. However, as your heart and not your head is dominant on this occasion it’s no surprise you’re all over the place emotionally. Time to listen to your heart methinks.


Libra  -  “The Lovers”


Your significant other will be very supportive, loving and caring in all you do this month. If there is an auspicious time for you to receive the offer of commitment in your relationship, then May is it! Expect heartfelt emotions and feelings to be openly expressed. Love is certainly in the air for you and those around you. Dreams may also be realised. Any conflicts in relationships will be amicably and lovingly resolved.


Scorpio  -  “King of Cups”


Take control of your emotions this month if you can. An older male may be tempted but hesitant to step in and share his feelings and thoughts relating to someone currently in your life. He can see the bigger picture you may be unaware of, or deliberately choosing not to see. However, he will keep his distance and his own counsel unless you approach him seeking his honest opinion and thoughts. 


Sagittarius  -  “Three of Cups”


A month to strengthen the bond with the special friends in your life. If you’ve been guilty of neglecting those you enjoy spending time with and vice versa, then now’s the time to change things. Don’t wait for invites, make the first move, you’ll be so glad you did. You’ll soon realise how much you’ve missed them and they’ve missed you. The first step in creating more happy times spent in each other’s company. All work and no play……..


Capricorn  -  “The Moon”


Pay attention to any dreams you have in May, as they may contain a message or an answer for you, especially around the time of the Full Moon 10th May and New Moon 25th May. The Moon relates to the undercurrents in Life therefore it will be to your advantage not to take people or situations at face value, but to delve deeper. You may experience a significant revelation or awakening during this time.


Aquarius - “Emperor”


Attaining a feeling of authority especially in your job, career or business this month stands you in good stead. This is accompanied by the ability to be decisive and unwavering especially in the face of real or imagined adversity. There may be an academic influence involved, perhaps a final push towards a Degree or Certificate, after years of study and self-sacrifice.


Pisces  -  “Three of Pentacles”


A month for showing and proving to others what you are capable of. Your skills and experience will bring you to the attention of those you seek to impress most. Expect a new job offer or more customers for what your business offers. Small, steady steps will lead to bigger and better things in the future. However, don’t be tempted to run before you can walk. Small, steady steps will lead to a more successful financial future for you in doing what you enjoy and making a living.




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