Aries:  “The Hermit”


Be mindful of where you travel this month physically, emotionally or spiritually as you may encounter unexpected delays or problems. However, your sense of caution coupled with your determination to overcome what stands in your path will, not only enable you to triumph over what you must, but clear the way ahead for the remainder of this month at least.


Taurus:  “Five of Cups”


Disappointment in love or career has caused you to feel very sorry for yourself and perhaps at war with those around you who are trying to help you feel better. Yes, the worst may have happened, but enough wallowing, time to pick yourself up and “get back on the horse” so to speak. You’ll soon realise that looking forward instead of backwards is the key to what comes next and, who knows, this could prove to be just who or what you’ve been looking for.


Gemini:  “Two of Swords”


Closing your heart and mind to what you know to be the truth of a matter will only delay the inevitable. It’s in your own best interests to be realistic, decide what needs to be done, and just do it! Just a word of warning, ensure you are in possession of all the facts and information you need before you bring down “the sword of no return!”


Cancer:  “King of Wands”


No retreating into your shell this month lovely Cancer! You possess the energies of this wonderful King, so an abundance of passion, vigour, enthusiasm and determination so strike while the iron is hot. June is the one month of this year which, for you, can bring you the love you seek, the financial security you need, and achieving your goals and success in your job or career. What are you waiting for? Your shell will be waiting for you when you need it again, just not this month.


Leo:  “Nine of Cups”


Be careful of excess or over-indulging in food and drink this month Leo. However tempted you are be aware there is always a price to pay in the form of an expanded waistline or the misery of the morning after hangover. Moderation in all things is the message this lovely card has for you. By all means enjoy yourself but be sensible there’s a good Leo.


Virgo:  “Nine of Wands”


Overworking Virgo? Worries getting you down? Fed up having to struggle through disappointments and hard times? You should feel justly proud of how you have coped with all that has been thrown at you recently. Take heart as you’re through the worst and, from now on, your life will become less of a nightmare and begin to improve, slowly at first and then more quickly as the weeks go by. I know it’s hard to believe, but it will prove worth it you’ll see.


Libra:  “Empress”


The best thing you can do for yourself this month Libra is to seek out and appreciate the gifts Mother Nature has to offer. Time to appreciate the blessings you do have instead of bemoaning what you feel you don’t. Spend time walking in the countryside, enjoy the calm of a forest, listen to the sound of a river as it rushes by.  This is what is needed to restore your energy, vitality and zest for life.


Scorpio:  “Nine of Swords”


Don’t allow an over-active imagination to run wild and take over your thoughts whether awake or asleep. You can regain clarity of thought by dismissing unwanted and unnecessary thoughts or ideas, especially those planted by other people who may not have your best interests at heart. Once you’ve stilled your mind the answers you need will become clear.


Sagittarius:  “Eight of Cups”


If things haven’t worked out in your relationship or job it’s now time to turn your thoughts to what YOU would wish your future to be.  Being positive and standing firm will go a long way to helping you achieve and manifest your future goals. A brand new start, unencumbered and anticipating only the best life has to offer, will send the Universe the message that you’re really, willing and able for what happens next.


Capricorn:  “Ten of Pentacles”


Fortune favours Capricorn this month and about time too! A windfall or win of some kind will certainly makes life easier for you financially at least. Certainly a very secure, happy and contented energy will be enjoyed by you and all those who share your home. Perhaps this will come just in time to pay a large bill, or an unexpected expense with your car. No money worries for you this month.


Aquarius:  “Seven of Swords”


Hmmm, be careful who you trust your innermost thoughts or feelings to this month. Someone is not the close friend or colleague you believe them to be and their actions may result in you being shown in a negative light. Be extremely cautious in any dealings that involve documents especially those requiring your signature. Read any and all small print until you totally understand what each and every word will mean for you. You can’t be too careful this month.


Pisces:  “Five of Swords”


Your abilities as a leader will be called upon this month Pisces. An unusual role for you to play but one which is necessary for the benefit of others, which appeals to your sense of loyalty and fair play. Your actions, on behalf of those who put their trust in you, will result in a positive and fair outcome for all concerned, just by using your head and not your heart on this occasion.




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