Tarotscope August 2017


The Tarot cards drawn for this Tarotscope are from the beautiful Gilded Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti. photobucket.com/images/gilded tarot#!


Aries:  “Six of Cups”


News of a reunion or an invitation to meet up with old friends will have you reminiscing this month Aries, perhaps in regard to a very special someone.  Spending time with children in a theme park or holiday setting will be just what you need to bring your focus back to the present and counting your blessings. Everybody will be clamouring for your company in August but be selective in the invitations you accept in order to avoid emotional and physical overload.


Taurus:  “The Devil”


August = temptation! Your choice Taurus, surrender to temptation and regret it next month, or stay strong and kick yourself next month? Not easy eh? Occasionally, and I mean occasionally, it does us good just to be a tad naughty as long as nobody but us suffers the consequences. So, a free pass to indulge yourself, i.e. eat the cake, drink the wine, burn the candle at both ends, go on a spending spree, etc. However, keep in mind that there is always a price to pay somewhere down the line so will it be worth it? You decide!


Gemini:  “Wheel of Fortune”


The saying, “As one door closes, another opens” applies to what this month holds for you Gemini. If you’ve been feeling “stuck” prepare to enjoy the freedom to push forward with anything you have planned which has stalled recently. Job prospects and new goals will be achievable and successful due to your increased feelings of self-confidence and determination. Use these as tools to construct what you dream of while “Lady Luck” walks with you. She won’t stay around as long as you’d like.


Cancer:  “The Empress”


In August your parental “antenna” may be quivering signalling that all is not right in the world of one of your offspring, or someone you hold dear. This may be something that has been simmering for a while but now comes to the boil. Your intuition, love, level headedness, and ability to make sense of what they are unable to, will prove to be just what is needed to resolve what’s bothering them, and restore their sense of wellbeing. Be generous with your time and your hugs.


Leo:  “Seven of Cups”


Feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and being asked to make decisions or choices proves challenging for you in August Leo. Tempering your usual tendency to act now, think later, won’t be easy but it’s exactly how you need to act if you want to achieve peace of mind for you and those around you. Allow your heart to guide you in how to respond and behave and you won’t go far wrong. A very emotional month filled with highs and lows.


Virgo:  “Four of Swords”


Having said what you needed to now it’s time to retreat in order to regain your emotional and/or physical strength. There is nothing more you can do. The battle, if not the war, is won so praise where praise is due. You’ve shown others what you’re made of so know when to walk away, at least for the time being. Your hard-won triumphs are adding up so don’t jeopardise outright victory because of lack of energy. Prioritise what’s important and what’s not and let this guide you.


Libra:  “Ten of Pentacles”


Abundance abounds! A fortunate month for you Libra in all areas of life! Your finances may receive a welcome boost from an unexpected source, or from a long overdue repayment or bonus. No physical problems to worry about. Emotionally, all is calm. Relationships strengthen and deepen and become more meaningful. Work with the positive energy around you this month to sustain the benefits of what you are able to create. Luck, for once, is on your side.


Scorpio:  “The Chariot”


Try to put your emotions aside this month as you work on making the decisions you’ve been putting off for a while. The conflict between heart and head is getting you nowhere. Be brutally realistic in weighing up the pros and cons of what you’re proposing to do. Perhaps putting pen to paper might help you to see things in black and white. You’re in the driving sea so you’re the one responsible for plotting the route ahead and achieving the goal you have in mind so what’s keeping you? You, of course!


Sagittarius:  “Five of Wands”


Conflicts and disagreements create ill will between you and others will lead to feelings of frustration and irritation. People aren’t going out of their way to provoke you. Like you, they think they’re in the right. Nothing that can’t be resolved by sitting down together and putting your cards on the table. The true reason for the upset may then become crystal clear to you and the understanding reached will help you all work harmoniously as a team once again.


Capricorn:  “Three of Wands”


You’ll do the right thing in taking time to consider all your options this month before taking a leap of faith. Trust the instinct which has helped you become successful to guide you in taking your next step. Your ultimate goal is slowly being realised but there is still much to be done. You may feel isolated in your pursuit of greater glory but perhaps confiding in someone close about your future plans will create a sense of not being as alone as you believed yourself to be.


Aquarius:  “Ace of Cups”


Looking for love? August could bring you the beginning of a relationship or the deepening of a current relationship. Single minded in the pursuit of love will see you being more sociable and patronising those pubs, clubs and venues you are more likely to meet that special someone. Your emotions will be very close to the surface so the least little thing may have you feeling tearful or even shedding a few tears.


Pisces:  “Three of Swords”


Stormy times emotionally this month Pisces. Family, love or work relationships may experience problems. Perhaps an enforced separation through work, due to a misunderstanding or as the result of a quarrel, will prove upsetting for all involved. However, staying in communication will be the key to resolving any differences. Clearing the air may turn out to be just what your relationship desperately needed in order to take it forward, so the month could end on a positive note.




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