Tarotscope October 2017

The Tarot cards drawn for this Tarotscope are from the wonderful “Green Witch Tarot” by Anna Moura www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/green-witch-tarot


Aries:  “Six of Wands”


Enjoy the many rewards your hard work will bring you this month. This could be the realisation of a long-held dream or ambition. The rough and rocky road is now behind you and the memories of all you may have sacrificed or put on hold to get to where you are now will soon fade. A significant step up in your job or career brings, not only monetary gain but more importantly for you, the recognition and respect of your peers. You may also be offered the opportunity to progress further in your chosen career. However, take time to think before you accept as there may be strings attached.


Taurus:  “Six of Chalices”


Organising a family gathering will be your priority in October Taurus. This will bring together people of all ages from, if not the four corners of the World, then certainly the four corners of the country. The reason for the celebration may be due to a wedding, special anniversary or a Christening. Certainly a family orientated event although not strictly restricted to family members. Frustrating at times, it will be well worth it when you witness the evident happiness of those concerned. Memories will be remembered and made.


Gemini:  “Knight of Pentacles”


It may be a case of same old, same old, this month Gemini but considering the stress of the past few months, this will feel like a blessing. Ensuring a happy, content and secure home life for those you love will be less challenging as everyone appears to be happy to get along with everyone else. Whew! You’ll find yourself able to focus on your plans for Halloween and Christmas, and beginning your preparations for both. Time to consider making the yearly Christmas cake which is always appreciated by those who share it.


Cancer:  ”Page of Chalices”


If you’ve been considering taking up a new hobby or pastime Cancer then do it! Sign up for that class, join that gym, enrol for a pastime that stretches your mind. Choose something that will allow your imagination to run free. You have a natural ability for art and creativity so painting, pottery, anything craft related will inspire you. If you’ve tended to hide yourself away for whatever reason recently this will also give you the opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the companionship of like-minded people.


Leo:  “The Earth Mother”


You’ll feel that your “cup runneth over” this month, especially in matters relating to those dearest to you Leo. Bursting with happiness and contentment that all is fruitful and abundant in your world and the world of those around you. There is nothing lacking in any area of your life and, indeed, it appears that you can do no wrong. Everything falls into place just as you had hoped and planned. The most advantageous month to take stock of all your blessings and consider putting your plans in place for further down the line when your “harvest” is ready to be reaped while the Gods are smiling down on you.


Virgo:  “Ace of Athames”


Time to clear the air Virgo? A lack of a willingness to communicate between you and another is preventing you both from seeing the bigger picture and thus resolving the conflict between you. There is a solution which will prove agreeable to you both but your stubbornness and their need to always be right is causing a stalemate. In order to move things along towards a satisfactory conclusion be prepared to offer a compromise. You may be surprised at how much this will turn things around for the better. Peace of mind is priceless.


Libra:  “The High Priest”


Structure is what floats your boat this month Libra. It is all about keeping to a timeline, a schedule, a plan. People who matter have you under observation, so don’t put a foot wrong. Think before you speak as saying the wrong thing at the wrong time in the hearing of the wrong people may have work related repercussions in the future. Stick to what you know and you should end the month, if not ahead of the game, at least still a player.


Scorpio:  “Harvest”


Having successfully reached a goal in September now would be an opportune month to look at the opportunities and options open to you. You may be called on to exert your authority in your personal life due to the actions of a family member. They may need reminding of just who is in charge! Business dealings will prosper and indicate further prosperity long-term. Your “troops” will welcome an expression of your appreciation and gratitude, perhaps a small monetary reward or just a few drinks down the pub.


Sagittarius:  “Three of Wands”


Early days in your new job or business venture but you’re already visualising the future and what you hope to go on to achieve. Well done you for your hard work and determination to succeed which has begun to pay off albeit in a small way. Consider carefully your next move. If, in doubt, don’t be foolhardy and make any rash moves, but rather seek the wisdom of someone knowledgeable who can offer you the benefit of the lessons they learned and guide you towards the best outcome.


Capricorn:  “Six of Pentacles”


October for you Capricorn is focused on your need to be generous to others. Whether this takes the form of money or your time, or both, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how it will make you feel. The feeling of happiness that gifting freely to others and witnessing their joy and gratitude will bring you is priceless. If you’ve been guilty of neglecting others by being too busy to spend time with them, make amends by making them the focus of your time and attention.


Aquarius:  “The Horned God”


You may have lost touch with what really matters to you spiritually and emotionally and therefore feel out of “sync” with everyone and everything. It happens to us all now and again but the good news is you can fix it! If you can, take yourself off on a retreat or even a couple of days break where you can reconnect with nature and what makes you you. So, no Benidorm or Ibiza, ok? Seek out somewhere where there are forests, fields, nature walks, rivers etc. Feeling like a coiled spring is a no no. Taking steps to unwind is a yes, yes!


Pisces:  “Nature”


Be wary this month Pisces. Question everyone and everything! This month includes Halloween when the veil between the living and the dear departed is thinnest and you may be feeling somewhat “antsy” for no reason you can think of. Your intuition and psychic senses are very much to the fore which can work to your advantage if you know how to use them. If not, seek the advice and guidance of a psychic practitioner, or someone skilled in the mystic arts. Pay heed to your dreams and the message they may hold for you.





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