Tarotscope November 2017

The Tarot cards drawn for this Tarotscope are from the beautiful “Gilded Tarot” by Ciro Marchetti www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/gilded


Aries:  “The Star”


You may be called upon to either forgive or seek forgiveness during the remainder of this month Aries. By doing so you will successfully bring closure to a troublesome and stressful period in an otherwise close relationship. Emotional healing can then get to work in restoring peace and harmony and consequently mending your wounded heart.


Taurus:  “The Empress”


What do you seek to nurture in November? Perhaps it’s you! You feel powerful and knowledgeable in your feminine energy and may be consumed by a need to so search out ways to use this to your best advantage. People, especially those of the opposite sex, will find themselves drawn to you and seek out your company so be ready to welcome new friends, and relationships.


Gemini:  “Nine of Wands”


Just when you think you have no strength left to fight on, lo and behold, you just “know” that you will find the will and the energy to battle on. Victory is within your grasp so don’t give up now. One last push will see you achieve your goal or dream. Believe that you can, and you will. Your determination and refusal to surrender will earn you the success you’ve been working towards.


Cancer:  ”Three of Pentacles”


Happiness for you this month Cancer comes from your ability to do the very best you can in your job, career or business. The passion you feel for what you do is the driving force in making it possible for you to put your head down and work hard. No thought of cutting corners this month even if it would make life easier, but that’s not how you operate, and this will pay off handsomely for you in the long-term


Leo:   “Strength”


Let your strength carry you forward this month lovely Leo. It may be to your advantage to keep your thoughts to yourself and therefore your mouth firmly closed. Others may tax your patience and good nature to the limit but, remember, this will pass. Only respond in voicing your concerns if your opinion is sought. If not, best to keep Mum!


Virgo:  “The Lovers”


The support of the person closest to you will mean a great deal in November Virgo. If you are struggling to cope with what Life is throwing at you, then trust that this person is your rock. Share your worries and concerns with him/her, they may just hold the solution you’re looking for. Don’t feel that you’re alone in coping with what may be an overwhelming and stressful situation as this is so not the case.


Libra:  “Seven of Pentacles”


November will find you appreciating all you have accomplished in the previous months Libra by your own hard work and single-minded determination to make this year one of abundance. You may be considering investing some of your hard-earned cash in a savings scheme and/or, in a purchase which may make your job easier in the future. Don’t be too hasty in making any decisions but make plans to take some time out to enjoy what you’ve earned


Scorpio:  “The Magician”


Be wary of being manipulated this month. If something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is so refuse to be drawn in. However, on the other hand, it may be that you are the one with the power of transformation using your skills and abilities. If so, be confident that you can make a reality something you may only have dreamed of in the past. Use your gifts quickly but wisely as they may disappear at the stroke of midnight on the 30th of this month.


Sagittarius:  “Eight of Wands”


The “bigger picture” is revealed to you Sagittarius as the cloud of uncertainty hiding the reality of what is really happening around you gradually fades away. Now, you can get on with organising and planning what you need to do to resolve what must be resolved or to put your plans into action. Once you’ve taken

the steps needed events will proceed very, very quickly, so ensure you don’t get caught short!


Capricorn:  “Page of Cups”


A soft-hearted, imaginative youngster may need you to take them under your wing for comfort and protection. Something or somebody may be causing them stress and they will seek you out in the hope that you will listen and perhaps act on their behalf. Nothing major to worry about as they may have blown everything out of all proportion but, to them, it’s very real. You’ll soon have them feeling better and ready to face the world again.


Aquarius:  “The Hierophant”


Dealings with a large organisation is your focus this month Aquarius. This may be an ongoing situation, perhaps involving people who possess the power and the means to make a significant difference in your life. There will be a long-term commitment made between you which will be to your benefit so don’t be afraid to sign on the dotted line. However, also take the time to read through thoroughly before you put pen to paper.


Pisces:  “Ten of Swords”


You know the saying, “All looks darkest before the dawn” Pisces? That’s exactly where you feel you’re at this month. Indeed, there has been a lot to deal with recently, but the good news is that you now feel able to move on. Most of what you’ve been experiencing has been due to your over-thinking and inability to just “let go.” The past can’t be changed however much you’d like it to be. Time to pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and focus on what is to come not what has gone.




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