Tarotscope March 2018

ARIES:  “Two of Swords”


Begin the month intent on dealing with and resolving those challenges which may have been troubling you for some time. Hoping that they will just disappear is not going to happen! Taking a step back may bring everything into more focus as you may be too close to the situation to see clearly what is actually going on. Use your common sense and ability to think straight and prepare to breathe a sigh of relief.


TAURUS:  “Eight of Swords”


Getting yourself out of the pickle you’re in may be easier than you think! Surrounding yourself with negativity is what got you into this mess in the first place. What are you afraid of? Failure? Criticism? Little by little, bit by bit, you’ve managed to dig a hole of your own making. Time to “dig” yourself out by replacing negativity with positivity. Believe you possess the tools to help you escape to where you are meant to be and off you go.


GEMINI:  “The Hermit”


You forge a path for others to follow this month. Perhaps you find yourself in a position to share your knowledge in the mentoring or teaching of others. Your wisdom and guidance are sought by those struggling to find their way in an area of life. You feel respected and admired. However, keep in mind, that, as your words may be taken as gospel, this role brings with it great responsibility so choose your words carefully and with truth.


CANCER:  “King of Pentacles”


A profitable month for personal finances, owning your own business or involved in finance. A steady increase in your credit column continues, adding to your sense of security and peace of mind. An opportune time to consider future plans for continued growth in your financial standing. Consider ideas for attracting new business or perhaps seek out a new job offering a better salary. Happy, settled home life this month.


LEO:  ”Knight of Swords”


You may feel mentally unsettled and perhaps “out of sorts” as the month begins. However, things will soon settle down and these feelings will be replaced by a need to be busy with a new plan or project. Use the positivity of the energy you now possess to clear the way ahead to success. Time to stop dreaming and imagining what could be and do something about making it a reality. Up to you now.


VIRGO:  “Ten of Pentacles”


One of those months Virgo when everything seems to go your way in all areas of life. Family, home, job/career, relationships. You name it, and it’s what you dreamed of. Finance is especially well starred in the form of a promotion or a lump sum from an unexpected source. Take the opportunity to “splash the cash” in treating those you care for most. Your generosity will be much appreciated and remembered.


LIBRA:  “The Devil”

A very passionate and fiery Leo makes this a month to remember Libra. Be careful to keep your feet on the ground to prevent being totally consumed by this relationship. Also, be aware of those who may seek to whisper gossip in your ear in the hope of poisoning a friendship or relationship. This is born out of unjust feelings of jealousy and neglect.  Losing your temper will only add fuel to the fire so don’t act in anger. Trust your instincts.


SCORPIO:  “Page of Cups”


Receiving a message of love brings you happiness in March Scorpio. This may arrive in the form of an invitation to an engagement, wedding, Christening celebration, or being asked out on a date. If it’s early days in your relationship, then things will progress slowly but surely as there is commitment on both sides to help it grow into something more.


SAGITTARIUS:  “Temperance”


Achieving balance in all your relationships makes for a harmonious month Sagittarius. Your advice may be sought by another regarding problems in their romantic relationship. Passion and enthusiasm which may have been lacking in your love relationship, reignites in a surprising way for you both. Look out for unexpected declarations and commitment of an emotional nature.


CAPRICORN:  “Wheel of Fortune”


Feelings of being in limbo or stuck in a rut begin to dissipate at last allowing more positive movement around you in March. It appears all the planets are in agreement and alignment in bestowing you good fortune. No random throw of the dice involved this month. Forge ahead with your ideas, plans and whatever you wish to manifest as the Universe has your back and won’t you know it very soon!


AQUARIUS:  “Seven of Cups”


Oh dear, what’s happened to have you all of a dither regarding your relationship this month Aquarius? You or your partner blowing “blowing hot and cold” causing rifts between you? You will only sort this out by you both being clear about exactly what it is you both want from your relationship. Take the time to settle your minds, arrange to get together, and be honest with each other. You may find you want the same thing so don’t waste any more time.


 PISCES:  “Page of Swords”


Don’t allow others to play “mind games” with you Pisces. Somebody may be attempting to involve you in making mischief. Don’t make it easy for them so curb your tendency to let your imagination free reign when it comes to self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence in your abilities. Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy in berating yourself for something you did or didn’t do! No second guessing, you did what you had to.

Tarotscope written by Cathi @ www.cathibew.co.uk



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