Tarotscope September 2018

ARIES:  (Mar 21 - Apr 20)  “Strength”


Facing up to your fears may not be as difficult for you this month Aries if you realise you can’t do it alone. Solicit the wisdom, guidance and support of someone you trust to help you do what you must. No more hiding, or “dodging the bullet” for you. Why stay locked in a prison of your own making when escape may only be a conversation away? Use this month as the first step to regaining control and facing the future with confidence and vigour.


TAURUS:  (Apr 21 - May 21)  “The Fool”


You may be faced with a new opportunity this month that will have you thinking, “Oh brilliant” or “Oh dear!” It will involve taking a leap of faith, perhaps into previously unknown territory! I know it’s scary but will you be able to cope with the question of “what if…?” in the months, years to come, if you step back from the precipice of what could come next? Why not accept what Fate has in store for you, think of it as exciting rather than daunting and just go for it?


GEMINI:  (May 22 - June 21)  “Queen of Swords”


You will find yourself saying it like it is to others this month Gemini. Decisive words and action will be needed to deal with a situation that may have spun out of control due to the obstinacy of those involved. It needs someone to step forward and take control and that’s you. Perhaps not a role you would have chosen but looks like you’ve drawn the short straw so just do what has to be done. The resulting peace and reconciliation will make it be worth it.


CANCER:  (June 22 - July 22)  “Three of Pentacles”


Forged in fire! Keep these words in mind this month if you’re in the process of planning or organising a brand new venture, or expanding an existing one Use the fiery passion you feel for what you do to inspire and guide you. Make sure the groundwork is done. All the items on your checklist put in place and ticked. Early days, so don’t run before you can walk. Ignore those butterflies in your tummy as being just a tad nervous will help you focus.


LEO:  (July 23 - Aug 21)  ”Two of Wands”


Being faced with choices is always difficult but that’s what’s in store for you this month Leo. However, you may be at a point in life when you would welcome an opportunity to walk a different path in your relationship, job/career, location or business. Take time to truly think about if you’re truly happy and content with where you are presently. If not, only you have the power to change what needs to be altered so, although this may involve difficult choices, it’s your life so your responsibility.


VIRGO:  (Aug 22 - Sep 23)  “Seven of Wands”


You may find yourself fending off unwanted advances or unsolicited attention during this month. Be careful not to accept too many invitations to socialise or agree to unreasonable demands at work. Begin the month by looking through your diary. Prioritise important commitments, social events you DO want to attend, and cancel those entries you’re only doing because you’ve been cajoled or made to feel guilty if you don’t show your face. Maybe this “cull” would be a good idea every month?


LIBRA:  (Sep 24 - Oct 23)  “Knight of Cups”


Looks like your love life will be something to write home about in September Libra! Positive energy indicates movement so there may be a new romantic interest for those of you looking for love, and welcome progress for those of you in relationships. Time spent by water, sea, lakes or rivers for example, is where love is to be found or where love will grow. Escape your usual surroundings for the day, or a few days. You’ll be glad you did!


SCORPIO:  (Oct 24 – Nov 22)  “Three of Cups”


Look out your best suit or party dress Scorpio as you’ll be invited to or attending a celebration of love. A wedding, engagement, anniversary, or Christening. An event where people gather together through love of others. Perhaps it’s your own celebration of one of the above! Whatever the occasion, love reigns and joy is shared by many. A very special occasion to be celebrated, remembered and cherished.


SAGITTARIUS:  (Nov 23 - Dec 22)  “Nine of Wands”


You’ve done brilliantly to battle through what you’ve had to deal with in the past weeks or months Sagittarius! Although you may now feel you’ve had enough and can do no more, one last push is needed to win the war! Summon up the reserves of strength and determination you still possess to conquer and vanquish any remaining vestiges of your enemy be it physical, mental or emotional. Believe you can do this and you will! Your stronger than you believe.


CAPRICORN:  (Dec 23 - Jan 20)  ”Five of Swords”


Success is yours for the taking Capricorn, at least for this month. You will prove triumphant in showing others just what you’re made of, silencing their criticism and disproving what they’ve had to say publicly about you. They are driven by their own jealousy so it’s not entirely personal. Build on your belief in yourself and your abilities. This may be a lesson learned, perhaps the hard way, but perhaps the only way. Victory is yours and boy is revenge sweet!


AQUARIUS:  (Jan 21 - Feb 19)  “Five of Cups”


Recent events may have resulted in you feeling regret, disappointment and unhappiness Aquarius and maybe even shedding a few tears. Unfortunately, life has it’s downs as well as it’s ups, all we can hope for is balance. However, as they say “time is a great healer” and I believe this to be true in some respects, certainly for you at the moment. There is still much for you to enjoy so endeavour to wipe away those tears, shake off negativity. It may take a really good shake as negativity tends to cling on for dear life, but you can do it. Now, focus on the future. Doesn’t it look amazing….?


PISCES:  (Feb 20 - March 20)  “Six of Wands”


You may be receiving good news regarding recognition and/or a promotion in your chosen field of work. You may be asked to give a speech of acceptance or listen to someone else giving a speech praising your efforts. Much hard work has gone into getting you to where you are now so you are to be congratulated. Time to think about what comes next. Choices and decisions to be made which may be life-changing.




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