December 2018 Tarotscope

ARIES:  (Mar 21 - Apr 20)  “Ten of Cups"


December will be a busy month for you especially around the home Aries. However, delegate tasks where you can as you really can’t do it all on your own. A happy announcement by a member of the family will give you more than just Christmas to celebrate and will see an important date being added to next years calendar. Although your cup “runneth over” with joy in all areas of your life for these last few weeks of 2018, there may be the occasional tear shed when remembering those loved and lost. However, grant yourself the gift of peace that they now possess, and look forward to what 2019 may hold for you.


TAURUS:  (Apr 21 - May 21)  “Judgement”


Approaching the last days of 2018 may cause you food for thought Taurus in looking back at all that you’ve experienced since the same time last year. Taking on board the lessons learned in what you may have said or did differently will prove useful stepping into 2019. I feel there may have been some major changes in previous months, some positive and some not so positive. Remember you’re only human and that we all, at one time or another, tend to put a foot, or two, wrong. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. The trick is to carry your newfound wisdom with you and access it whenever the need arises in future.


GEMINI:  (May 22 - June 21)  “Nine of Swords”


Decisiveness and more decisiveness needs to be your mantra in December Gemini. Time to speak up and say what you’ve been hesitant to say, and do, for some months. This may relate to saying it like it is to another or, could it be you, who needs the talking to? You have reached the point of no return. This is no sudden enlightenment, but the result of what has gone on for some time. Allow your inner fire, your belief in yourself to quell self-doubt, you possess more power than you know. Determine to sort the situation out once and for all and allow yourself the peace of mind that has eluded you until now.


CANCER:  (June 22 - July 22)  “Six of Swords”


You will be aware of moving into the calmer emotional waters of the last days of this year Cancer and there is much to look forward to. You have successfully navigated and weathered the recent storms that Life sent you so don’t risk rocking the boat by clinging onto unwanted physical, emotional or mental baggage. Take things one step at a time in discovering that there is safe harbour ahead. You will feel much more able to take control. Perhaps considering a long-held dream of a new career or job move could prove to be just the focus you need to begin the New Year positively.


LEO:  (July 23 - Aug 21)  ”King of Cups”


Providing, protecting and loving your family will enhance the Christmas spirit you already feel Leo. Take time out from the festivities to count your blessings and give thanks for all you’ve received this past year. Remember also, that much of what has transpired has been due to your diligence, hard work and sheer determination to do the very best you could for those you love most. You have created a firm foundation for what is to come in 2019. Purchase a new diary as I feel there will be much to plan for and enjoy. I also sense physical movement and pastures new so perhaps the dream of a new home will be realised. Don’t be too hard on yourself if what you wish to achieve doesn’t materialise as quickly as you’d like. It will, but not until the time is right.


VIRGO:  (Aug 22 - Sep 23)  “Hierophant”


It would be to your advantage of put yourself first Virgo as, this month, it’s all about you. You may feel more powerful and confident in persuading others to accept your plans for the Christmas festivities. Take control and organise, organise, organise. The end of the year may see you being promoted at work or being asked to step in and settle a dispute between others. Trust in your ability to see both sides of the argument in order to make a just and acceptable compromise to those concerned. You may also receive unsolicited and welcome praise regarding your skills from an unexpected source that will have you bursting with pride. Personal goals and/or dreams may be realised as a result.


LIBRA:  (Sep 24 - Oct 23)  “Six of Cups”


The heart of your December Libra is focused entirely on the younger members of your family. The love you have for them has grown and flourished throughout the past year, causing you contentment and happiness. You may be reminiscing about your own childhood and doing your utmost to create a happy, carefree, safe childhood for one or more children who have your heart. You will be seeking ways to establish your own Christmas traditions for the future while adhering to those that mean a great deal from your own Christmas’s growing up. Your life this year may have been transformed by a new arrival as there is an air of great accomplishment, satisfaction and joy radiating from you. You already have all and more asked of Mr Claus, enjoy!


SCORPIO:  (Oct 24 – Nov 22)  “Ace of Swords”


The breakthrough you’ve been searching for is within your grasp Scorpio, so don’t hesitate to grab it with both hands. The realisation of what’s really been going on will be made clear and I feel, “the truth will out” whether you’re ready or not. If you can master the ability to work with your mind while ignoring what your heart may be telling you, then all the better. Allowing your emotions to muddy the waters has only caused confusion and delay. Be decisive, be firm, be confident, be who you need to be to succeed. Occasionally, being ruthless does the trick. Not everybody is as nice as you, just saying….


SAGITTARIUS:  (Nov 23 - Dec 22)  “Emperor”


December may see you experiencing a graduation of some kind, either in a relationship or your job or career. Great progress and the culmination of a task or personal crusade. Recognition and praise abound through your own efforts. You may be asked to guide others using the knowledge and skills learned in past months. Achieving mastery of your own future may be something you never believed possible but, hey ho, here you are! I feel the following 12 months will allow you to explore your full potential free of past restrictions, so your determination and enthusiasm will know no bounds, which is how it should be and will be. Trust in you as, if you don’t, who else will?


CAPRICORN:  (Dec 23 - Jan 20)  ”King of Wands”


Ooo, who’s this fiery man coming your way in December Capricorn? Someone has his eye on you and may have done for some time and may only now feel it’s the right time to declare his interest in getting to know you better. He’s not usually so backward in coming forward as his tendency towards arrogance leaves him in no doubt that those he casts an appreciative eye on won’t repel his advances. Be prepared to be swept off your feet and enjoy a hectic round of social events escorted by your fiery man. However, the way to his heart may be to play hard to get but, if got, refuse to bend completely to his will. Be independent, don’t constantly dance to his tune, and he’ll appreciate you even more.


AQUARIUS:  (Jan 21 - Feb 19)  “Seven of Wands”


The last few weeks of the year Aquarius and you may be feeling “cornered” due to the attempts of others to push you to where you don’t want to go. However, have you considered that they may be acting in your own self-interest and that they know best on this occasion? Has digging your heels in and refusing to see sense prevented you from seeing the bigger picture that they can? Why not just hear what they have to say instead of saying no without knowing all the facts? That way, if you still don’t want to play along, you will be left in peace to do what you wanted to in the first place? Win win, yes?


PISCES:  (Feb 20 - March 20)  “Page of Pentacles”


The message for you this month Pisces is Potential with a capital P! The abundance of your financial status allows you the freedom necessary to take the first steps in embarking on a new career. This may involve going back to the classroom for a course of study towards achieving a recognised qualification or adding to the skills you currently have. Alternatively, it could mean taking up a new hobby or interest that would allow you the opportunity to do something new whilst also encouraging new friendships with like-minded people. Perhaps this year hasn’t allowed you this freedom but 2019 may prove different but only if you determine to take the first step.







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