September 2019 Tarotscope

ARIES:  (Mar 21 - Apr 20)  ”Ace of Wands”


Creation is the key word for you this month Aries. Your head will be full of ideas, plans, ambitions, anything that only needs your focus and determination to do what must be done to provide the spark that will create a new “life.” Perhaps, a longed-for baby will be conceived, a dream pursued and manifested, a secret wish fulfilled. Someone close may have plans of their own regarding taking the next step in your relationship. Be prepared to accept unexpected invitations or last-minute travel plans which may take you out of your comfort zone but will prove to be just what is needed to restore your jaded view of your work or relationship.


TAURUS:  (Apr 21 - May 21)  “Two of Wands”


September finds you working in collaboration with someone else. A partnership forged in uniting against a common foe grows stronger as does the bond between you. Strengthen your commitment to each other by being open and honest about your feelings to those who may not understand and continue to stand in judgement. What you have is worth fighting for. This is no meaningless ships that pass in the night pairing. If you are planning to set up home together this month will provide you with an opportunity to do so. Move at your own pace. This month will bring much progress in all areas of your life.


GEMINI:  (May 22 - June 21)  “The Hanged Man”


Now who or what has brought you to a sudden standstill Gemini? This wouldn’t be your choice but perhaps a much needed short, sharp shock, in order for you to look around and see exactly what you’ve been missing. Do you remember the bumper cars at fairs? Desperately, trying to bump other cars while attempting to avoid being bumped yourself? That’s the impression you may have been giving lately. Whatever the reason for being brought to a standstill, why not justify your enforced “time out” by thinking about just what it is you’ve been too busy to pay attention to and do whatever is necessary to remedy it.


CANCER:  (June 22 - July 22)  “Five of Swords”


It seems the worst is now over Cancer. Your hard-fought battle has been won.  Others, impressed by your valiant efforts, may request you take up your sword to fight on their behalf. However, your struggles will have taken their toll and depleted you physically, emotionally and mentally therefore you need to put yourself first for a while to fully recover. Look for support from those closest to you. There may be a team on call to offer the specialist, professional care required to guide and nurture you on the next phase of your journey. Feeling exhausted and lacking “get up and go” is par for the course and will soon pass. Spending time alone may also aid your recovery.


LEO:  (July 23 - Aug 21)  ”Six of Cups”


Oh Leo, there’s no use reliving the past and wishing things were different. Time to let those memories sink back into the mists of time and make new ones. Some of you may be happily reminiscing about your childhood or early adult years and perhaps planning to revisit the people and/or places responsible for these in the future. There may be lessons to be remembered, learned from and acted on in a present relationship with a similar situation. Perhaps you feel nostalgic remembering the closeness and romance of the early days in a close relationship and mourning their loss.  If so, now would be the perfect time to work on rekindling the bond between you. The pressures of daily living have taken their toll.


VIRGO:  (Aug 22 - Sep 23)  ”Seven of Cups”


Seek out opportunities in anything related to love or friendship this month Virgo. Someone you’ve had your eye on romantically for a while? Go for it! Make the first move. He/she may have had their eye on you too but reluctant to approach you as they’re unsure of your reaction. This could be “the one!” Choices or conditions attached to a relationship could prove frustrating, especially as you are known for your ability to be decisive when faced with a dilemma. However, unusually for you, your mind will be forced to take second place to your heart. No need to panic Virgo, as giving way to what your heart tells you to do, is guided by the Goddess of Love herself, Venus. What is meant to be, at least for this month, is meant to be.


LIBRA:  (Sep 24 - Oct 23)  “Five of Pentacles”


September is instrumental in giving us a heads up that Winter is approaching, giving us time to bid farewell to the Summer months, while anticipating what lies ahead in the colder months. The leaves begin to fall from the trees and the nights grow gradually darker earlier. September’s message for you lovely Libra is to focus on counting your blessings. You may feel a tad out of sorts, nothing major, just somewhat “antsy!” You’re much wealthier than you realise perhaps not financially but certainly in your relationships, family, friends, health, the people around you, your job or business. The list is endless if you stop to think about all you do have instead of longing for what you think you want. Determine to let those who matter to you, whether in a small or major way, just how blessed you feel to have them in your life.


SCORPIO:  (Oct 24 – Nov 22)  “The Devil”


Temptation to visit the dark side may appear in many forms for you this month Scorpio so be warned! Over-indulgence in pastimes or pursuits offering a “quick fix” will only add to your feelings of being stuck in a rut of your own making. If you know in your heart of hearts but have so far ignored the fact that your partner is controlling or manipulative, then do something about it while you still can. If you receive an offer of an opportunity which sounds very tempting and perhaps too good to be true and which may compromise you ethically or morally, think about the phrase “lead us not into temptation…..!”


SAGITTARIUS:  (Nov 23 - Dec 22)  “The Moon”


Just as the Sun’s rays light up the Moon Sagittarius, this is your month to shine your light where it is needed most, i.e. on you! Delve into the mysterious world of your soul, your spirit, your essence and discover who you truly aspire to be or become. Those dreams that may have lain hidden within you, overshadowed by coping with the challenges of life for many years, only need your command to emerge into the light. What do you desire most? What would fulfil your very soul? What or who would aid you in your voyage of self-discovery? Only you can grant this wonderful gift to yourself. Be your own divine light.


CAPRICORN:  (Dec 23 - Jan 20)  ”The Star”


Major healing is yours for the taking this month lovely Capricorn. Water plays a major role in restoring your physical or mental health or perhaps both. Spend time at the seaside, by a lake, a river, anywhere where water is abundantly flowing. I also feel an “elixir” may be required or involved. Some kind of fluid, perhaps a medicine in liquid form, which aids you in your progress towards better health. Allow others with the professional knowledge to work on your behalf to do what they must as this will prove successful. Perhaps not as quickly as you’d hoped but patience is definitely a virtue for you presently. Also, give permission to the Angels to grant you their celestial healing as they need this to act on your behalf.


AQUARIUS:  (Jan 21 - Feb 19)  “Six of Wands”


Wow, look at you Aquarius! Well done! Your hard work will be recognised and rewarded in your job or your relationship. A “step up” in life. Those around you will be more likely to get along and, if you are in any major negotiations, the others involved will happily fall in with your ideas, so a successful outcome is reached and agreed on. A certain person, possibly female, will play a major role in the successes you enjoy in September. Someone who has believed in you and supported you throughout the hard times. Be sure to express your gratitude with words of thanks, flowers or a treat you know will please her. There may be a celebration of some kind involving those closest to you.


PISCES:  (Feb 20 - March 20)  “Nine of Swords”


Poor Pisces! You may be feeling that you can’t cope anymore and that one more bit of bad luck will be the straw that broke the camels back. However, perhaps you haven’t helped yourself as much as you might have by letting your vivid imagination run riot which has made everything seem worse than it actually is. Things are about to change for the better so, being aware of that, gives you a chance to expel the deep breath you took in some time ago and have been holding ever since. Whewwwww. There you go. Now doesn’t that feel better? Of course it does. Blow away the negative energy that’s been plaguing you and enjoy the time of much more positive energy blowing in.




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