Your privacy is VERY important to me and, in order to also comply with new GDPR regulations which were put in place to ensure your personal privacy, I've created the following policy to make you aware of what information I collect from you and what I do with it.




What information is being collected?

For email readings, I need your full name, date of birth, email address and your question(s). Your name and date of birth are unique to you therefore I use this information to create a "link" with you in order to read for you.

Personal details I receive from PayPal

When you pay for your purchase through PayPal I receive details of the amount paid, your name, address and email address.

What happens to your personal information?

Immediately I receive confirmation from PayPal re receipt of your payment, I delete the transaction from my email account. This information will have also been stored on my password protected PayPal account. No doubling up!

Your personal information is retained by me on a password protected desktop pc which is used solely by me. I personally guarantee no personal information is, or ever will be, sold or shared with a third party. I take your trust in me to keep your personal information safe and secure very seriously.


When using this website, you agree to and understand that all Readings and anything else contained herein are for Entertainment,Spiritual growth and Guidance purposes only. This is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. Spiritual Guidance stimulates inner growth, healing and empowerment but is not intended to replace therapy or the care of a qualified health care provider.


Cathi Bew





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